Commercial Case Studies

A commercial building forms an essential part of a company's overall corporate and brand identity. Our window and door systems have evolved to withstand the rigors of busy commercial environments, with many options to suit the needs for security, escape from fire, smoke-control, disabled access, practical day-to-day use and optimum energy efficiency.

Topaz, Office Development

A newly built office development requiring use of a full range of products, windows, doors, curtain walling and Brise Soliel, high performance neutral solar control glazing to maximise incoming light transmittance but reducing solar gain.

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Veolia Environmental UK Head Office

We were tasked with providing a full range of products to satisfy the design criteria including the statement fa├žade to the front elevation of the new build headquarters. Tinted glazing was applied to the south and west elevations to reduce solar gain and give the building a stylish appearance. Brise Soliel (solar shading) was used to enhance climate control and a contemporary feel to the building.

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