Brise Soleil

Brise Soleil (climate control sun shading) is becoming increasingly popular as a natural way of reducing solar gain. It requires no power source and, unlike air conditioning, produces no emissions. It efficiently maintains a comfortable daytime temperature within the working or domestic environment

How it works

Brise Soleil is an architectural canopy structure. The fins making up the canopy can be a simple Z shape or a more dynamic aerofoil shape, both lending a sophisticated and practical feature to your building. Screens are individually designed by us to provide the maximum solar control. The recent changes to Building Regulations Document L2 requires us to factor in solar control when looking at glazing elements of the building and external sun shading is one of the ways to achieve good results.

Brise Soleil fins can be fitted in a horizontal plane on strong supporting arms projecting from our screens or directly from the building structure. Alternatively, our systems can be suspended vertically to provide an alternative design feature to the fa├žade.